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The Internet Age brings with it segmentation of marketing. The production-inventory-sales model of traditional businesses can no longer meet personalized demands of users, and a firm has to transform from the self-centered product selling to a user-centric sale of services, i.e. a user-driven"on-demand manufacturing and delivery" mode. The Internet also gives rise to integration of global economies. And the relationship between internationalization and globalization is one of logical progression. “Internationalization” means creating international brands with an enterprise's own resources, while "globalization" refers to making use of global resources to create localized mainstream brands, which are different in essence. Therefore, Haier consolidated global resources in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing to create a global brand.
In this phase, the business model Haier explored in order to create customers in the Internet Age was the Win-win Model of Individual-Goal Combination.

Haier Global

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