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In the networking strategy stage, Haier transforms from a traditional enterprise manufacturing household appliances to a platform oriented to incubator makers in the whole society, and strives to become an internet company, aiming to break the self-closed system of traditional enterprises, turn itself into a node of network interconnection, interlink all kinds of resources, build a new co-creation and win-win platform, and achieve win-win and added value of interested parties.  

To this end, Haier has conducted subversive explorations in strategy, organization, employees, users, compensation, and management, creating a dynamic cycle system and accelerating the transformation of the Internet. In terms of strategy, Haier builds a co-creation and win-win ecosphere centered on users to achieve win-win and added value of interested parties in the ecosphere. In terms of organization, Haier turns itself from a traditional self-closed enterprise to an open internet node and reforms the bureaucracy structure to a network structure. During this process, the staffs change from employees and executors to entrepreneurs and dynamic partners, thus forming a social ecosphere with best experience to meet the individual demands of users. In compensation mechanism, it shifts from “paid by enterprise” to “paid by user”, encouraging the employees to become real entrepreneurs and to realize their own value while creating value for users. In terms of management innovation, Haier endeavors to achieve self-evolution towards its goal eventually through exploration on non-linearity management.

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