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“On the whole, the open innovation of Chinese enterprises started quite late but is developing rapidly. In terms of the choice of partners, the focus is on traditional ones, such as junior colleges who still rank the first now. As a pioneer of home appliance industry home and abroad, Haier has set a good example by leading innovation and creating HOPE. The largest value of HOPE lies in its openness, which allows all enterprises to cooperate with Haier. It’s a transformation from the traditional one-to-one win-win cooperation to all-win cooperation featuring open innovation. Platform operation and the construction of ecosystems play a key role in the practice of Chinese enterprises’ open innovation.”
--Qiu Jing    Senior research of Accenture Institute for High Performance
“As users’ are raising more and more requirements for the speed and personalization of new products, we hope to build a innovation union led by Haier in the future to attract companies and individuals in various fields.”
--Yao Wieguang   CTO of Dow Chemistry, APAC
“Haier’s ecosystem is of far-reaching social significance in that it not only conforms to the needs of the development of the time, but also fully displays its respect to users and staffs.”
-- Sanchez Carlos   Professor at IESE
“Haier’s platform is not only the foundation of ecosystem, but also the means of management and organization, pushing the transformation of strategy and organization.”
-- Michael Cusumano    Outstanding professor at Sloan School of Management, MIT
“Through Opening-up and interaction, Haier has successfully stepped on the way of innovative exploration of ‘big data’, and achieved an all-win relationship with the stakeholders.”
--Viktor Mayer-Schonberger   Professor at Oxford Internet Institute
“For Haier, developing smart appliances is a golden opportunity. It’s a relationship technology as I call it which can nurture an interactive relationship between Haier and users. The power of a product will be bigger if it could interact with more users. Haier’s strategy is very perspective.”
-- Kevin Kelly    Internet observer and prophet, author of Out of Control
“Haier is a very open and decentralized organization, while many Japanese enterprises are very centralized with less flexibility. I was shocked to see Haier’s so many self-organized teams each of which is an innovation center.”
-- Ikujiro Nonaka   Professor at Hitotsubashi University, world-renowned management master, “Father of Knowledge Management Theory” and “Pioneer of Knowledge management”


Haier Global

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