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The Development History of Haier’s Global Open Innovation Platform


Since the 1990s, Haier has started an exploration of open innovation mode. The Central Institute was established to strengthen Haier’s innovation cooperation with the outside world. In 2009, the open innovation center was established, with an independent team to expand offline open innovation business. Up till now, Haier has built an innovation resource network spreading across the world with the five R&D centers as its nodes. 
 In October, 2013, Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem (hereinafter referred to as HOPE) was officially launched, developed and operated by the open innovation center. Hence Haier’s open innovation system has been transformed from offline to O2O. In June, 2014, HOPE was upgraded. Based on the ideas of openness, cooperation, innovation and sharing, the platform joins hands with global R&D organizations and individuals to provide advanced technology information and innovation solutions for users by integrating various outstanding solutions, intelligence and ideas.
On May 7th, 2015, HOPE met its first transnational third-party client Faurecia (the largest auto engineering solution and spare part supplier in the world). The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement on regional innovation resource integration and sharing, and hoped to share superior resources in auto field and promote cross-cutting technological innovation cooperation through transnational cooperation. After Faurecia joined HOPE, the resources and ideas originally for home appliance enterprises on the platform are now also available to it, providing technological support and service for its innovation.
On May 8th, 2015, Haier Open Innovation Week was kicked off in Haier University, Qingdao. On this grand occasion, elites from over 100 global technological innovation enterprises, technology transfer agencies, investment incubators, maker teams and other technological innovation fields expressed their opinions with the idea of openness, cooperation, sharing and win-win progress to explore an open innovation path in a new age. As the organizer, HOPE thoughtfully arranged three parts, namely “open innovation summit forum”, “open innovation public class” and “disruptive project symposium” for the participants to discuss new ideas and new modes of China’s open innovation.

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