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Haier has relied on the powerful R & D strength of the Central Research Institute and established an incubation base for industries with innovative and sustainable development capability. This industrial incubation base has, on the basis of the customer demand and the forefront of world science and technology and the forward-looking technology, carried out researches on such new technologies as refrigeration technology, digital home technology, smart home integrated technology, control technology, integrated circuits, new materials, biological engineering, environmental protection, energy-saving technology, etc. to promote the development and industrialization of such new technologies. It has developed into a good trinity pattern of basic research, application and development and high-tech industries. It has continuously made new achievements in the forefront basic research. It has incessantly achieved new results of independent intellectual property rights in the fields of new technology researches. It has continuously developed high-tech industries.

The strategic goal of industrialization is the development of new industries with new technologies, the marketing of the new industrial products and the ir-replace-ability of the new technology in the industry. The industrialization strategic measure is to create an environment conducive to the transfer of technology, strength management of the existing industries which are not entities in scale and build them to become the transfer and diffusion center of Haier new technology so as to realize the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and make them become a high-tech industrial incubation base.

The Research Institute has maintained good cooperative relationship with nearly thirty (30) famous enterprises in different countries and regions of the world in technology and market. It has also closely cooperated with renowned research institutions both at home and abroad and kept pace with them in leading technologies. It is devoted to the incubation of a batch of high-tech industries with international competitive power and provides an inexhaustible driving force of industrial technology for Haier to develop into a global famous brand.

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