Open Innovation

The Basic Idea of Haier’s Open Innovation

Smart ecosystems need advanced solutions which require the support from open innovation systems. Haier’s five R&D centers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and China form an innovation resource network spreading across the whole world. At the same time, the open online platform HOPE (Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem) provides an environment for global users and resources to conduct zero-distance interaction and continuously create innovative solutions.
1. Why Is Open Innovation Necessary?
“User personalization” is a driving force of open innovation. In the age of Internet, it’s getting easier and easier for users to get detailed product information. With the growth of Internet natives, user demands are getting more and more personalized, fragmental, and there is an ever growing requirement for customized products. Therefore, in order to meet user’s personalized demands, enterprises have to change the traditional innovation method and co-innovate with users and first-class resources.
“Product Innovation Acceleration” is a driving force of open innovation. As is stated in Big Bang Disruption, the exponential development of technology and the rapid iteration of products have transformed the previous innovation method. Innovative products mushroom extremely fast, urging enterprises to shorten R&D cycle, iterate products and improve user experience, which is possible only by gathering the smartest minds in the world.
“Industry disruption” is a driving force of open innovation. In the age of Internet, every industry is more or less influenced by the Internet, and disruptive innovation is ubiquitous. The disruption of enterprises is both beyond and within expectation, and closed systems are doomed to perish. Only by building open platforms and innovation ecosystems can enterprises continue to innovate and get a new life.
2. The Basic Idea of Haier’s Open Innovation
The basic idea of Haier’s Open Innovation is that “the world is our R&D center”. In essence, it refers to the zero-distance innovation and sustainable innovation among global users, makers and innovation resources.
3. The Goal of Haier’s Open Innovation
The goal of Haier’s open innovation is to build an innovation ecosystem in which global resources and users participate and continuously produce products of exponential technology. 

Haier Global

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