Social Responsibility


    First Outing for Haier "Green Sail" Volunteers

    On March 24, 2012, Haier Green Sail volunteers appeared in Qingdao for the Love Haier Green Inspiration tree planting event. They planted trees next to Binhai Road in Laoshan District, creating a new patch of green for Qingdao.This was the first volunteer event in Haier's Green Sail program. Haier is using the planting of trees as a way to inspire Qingdao residents to play their part in protect...

    Global Haier Events for Earth Hour 2012

    On March 31, 2012, Haier hosted Earth Hour performances which began in sequence in different time zones around the globe. This was Haier's second Earth Hour project with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Haier name brought this year's performances to every continent of the Earth, and the Haier Earth Hour...Inspiration DJ Channel also broadcast the events over the internet, making this Ea...

    80 Metre Smokestack Decommissioned Early

    At 6.00am on September 12, 2013, Haier carried out the controlled demolition of an old 80m smokestack at Qingdao Haier Industrial Park. The smokestack was built two decades ago in 1993. According to projections, the decommissioning of the smokestack will cut sulfur dioxide emissions by 56.76 tons/year, equivalent to the amount of harmful gases that a 1580-acre forest can absorb in one year.

Haier Global

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